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3 Nov 2017

Members’ Centres and Friends’ Groups

A group of hikers walk along a path across a hillside.
There are many Members’ Centres and Friends’ Groups across Scotland (and 2 in England) who raise funds for the National Trust for Scotland, provide practical help to properties and organise lots of fun activities.

Members’ Centres and Groups cover a region or city, whereas most Friends’ Groups provide support to a specific Trust property.

All groups organise a wide variety of events across the year, including:

  • Special interest talks – learn more about your local heritage.
  • Social events – meet fellow members and help raise funds for the Trust’s special places and vital conservation projects.
  • Days out – explore some of Scotland’s most spectacular scenery and amazing history, often with special ‘behind the scenes’ access.
  • Holidays – enjoy short breaks across the UK, with full itineraries of visits and events.

Over the past 40 years, these groups have supported our charity in a huge variety of ways. In addition to members volunteering at properties and offering practical local support, more than £1 million has been donated to the Trust in the last 10 years, thanks to the activities of Members’ Centres and Friends’ Groups!

This money has supported projects that have ranged from small but important property improvements – such as signage at Alloa Tower and new garden facilities at Drum Castle – to education and outreach work, including Iona’s inspirational Changing Landscapes initiative with Oban High School.

Looking up at Burns Monument from the gardens against a blue sky with clouds
Burns Monument in Alloway

Large-scale conservation projects have also received vital support. The Friends of Robert Burns Birthplace Museum handed over a donation of £30,000 to the National Trust for Scotland, specifically for repairs to the Burns Monument in Alloway. This was the world’s first memorial dedicated to the life and work of Robert Burns, but it has suffered from exposure to the elements for the past 200 years. Sensitive repairs will now be made to its masonry; the internal cupola will be cleaned; and the original decorative finish restored – all ensuring that this important piece of Scottish heritage will remain for generations to come.

“We are privileged to have such a passionate group of volunteers working with us here in Alloway – so much of what we do relies on their support. This donation is the culmination of several years of their hard work, and we are delighted to receive this boost towards these important conservation works”
Stuart Maxwell
General Manager, Ayrshire & Arran

Get involved with your local group and you’ll play an even bigger part in celebrating, sharing and protecting Scotland’s magnificent natural beauty and cultural heritage.

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