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4 Jul 2024

Meet the Supplier: Nàdar Coffee

Matthew Algie and Nadar coffee


Two speakers: Craig Watson (Senior Account Manager) and Estelle MacGilp (Head of Coffee Sourcing)

National Trust for Scotland Meet our Suppliers: Take One!
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We were established in 1864. Originally, we brought tea into Glasgow and our legacy grew in the 1990s and 2000s to include coffee.

Our business here at Matthew Algie is unique and I think there's a number of reasons for that, but probably one of the main reasons is its focus on sustainability.
We work very closely with our supply chain. We feel this is really important, not just with our direct suppliers but also right down to producer level as well.
We supply a range of products, from tea and hot chocolate to coffee, which is our main product here.

My favourite product that we supply to the Trust is the new Nadar blend.
We looked at the flavour profile that our customer was looking for, and in turn what their customers are looking for, and how they look to enjoy their drinks.
We developed a blend of coffees from Brazil, India and Honduras. These work really well together; they complement each other really nicely.
And not only that but the other focus, as well as the quality here, is that we have created a 100% Fairtrade-certified blend as well.
It reminds me of ... when you're thinking of the experience that this is going to deliver ... you sip this coffee, you enjoy this coffee, and it takes you to the middle of the pine forest and you're maybe settling down.
It's cosy; it's reassuring, and it's just a really delicious coffee.
We're really, really pleased with the final product.

Sustainability and certification have always been an important part of our ethos.
We were the first coffee roaster to introduce a Fairtrade espresso blend; the first coffee roaster to introduce a triple-certified espresso blend; and worldwide we were the first coffee roaster to be carbon neutral.

We love working with the NTS because of the passion of the people, the variety of locations and the stories that we are told.
My favourite Trust location is Inverewe Garden; the views are stunning, the gardens are amazing ... and not to mention a great cup of coffee!
What I love about Scotland is the people -- the passion, the energy, the scenery and no matter what -- come rain or shine -- some truly fantastic opportunities for adventure.

We’re delighted to introduce our newest creation: the Nàdar coffee blend. This exciting new product is the result of nearly two years of collaboration between Food & Beverage Development Manager David Edgar and a host of commercial and operational colleagues across the Trust.

The birth of Nàdar

Nàdar, meaning ‘nature’ in Scottish Gaelic, is more than just a coffee blend; it’s a tribute to the rich landscapes and natural heritage that the National Trust for Scotland strives to protect. Fairtrade-certified and sourced from farming cooperatives in Brazil, Honduras and India, Nàdar is a blend that respects both the environment and the people who cultivate it.

“Creating Nàdar has been a labour of love. We wanted a coffee that not only tastes incredible but also tells a story of sustainability and community. It's been fantastic to see this project come to fruition, and we’re excited to share it with our supporters.”
David Edgar
Food & Beverage Development Manager for the National Trust for Scotland
Two men stand at a table in a kitchen. The man on the left watches the man on the right weigh some coffee beans on a set of scales.
David Edgar with Craig Watson (Senior Account Manager at Matthew Algie)

A blend designed for all

We worked closely with Matthew Algie, a Glasgow-based coffee roastery, to develop Nàdar. This involved a meticulous process to ensure the blend captures the essence of the Trust. The profile of the Nàdar blend is roasted, earthy, sweet and pinewood, with taste notes of roast on the nose, earthy and woodsy flavours on the palate, a soft mouthfeel, and an intense, warming aftertaste reminiscent of bonfires. It’s a coffee that evokes cosy moments, like roasting marshmallows by the fire or enjoying long countryside walks at our places.

Before launching Nàdar, we analysed five years of coffee sales across the Trust. We discovered that 64% of these sales were milky coffees, with lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites being the most popular. This insight shaped our blend, to ensure it pairs beautifully with milk, making it the perfect choice for our visitors.

All our coffee equipment has been upgraded to market-leading machines, including bean-to-cup units and automated grinders.

Investing in our people

To ensure every cup of Nàdar is a great experience, we also invested in extensive training for our food and beverage teams. Over the past year, 49 colleagues have completed their Speciality Coffee Association Certified Foundation Barista qualifications, and 7 colleagues have gained Train-to-Trainer qualifications. This has not only increased our teams’ confidence but has also enhanced the overall visitor experience.

Feedback from visitors

A year on from the launch, feedback from both our property teams and customers has been fantastic. Many have praised the unique flavour profile of Nàdar, describing it as a perfect coffee for coffee lovers.

“It’s like a warm hug in a cup!”
A happy customer
Three people sit chatting around a picnic table in a courtyard cafe. All have takeaway coffee cups in front of them.

Try Nàdar at home

We’re excited to offer Nàdar coffee beans for purchase in selected cafés and gift shops as well as our online shop, so you can enjoy a taste of the National Trust for Scotland from the comfort of your home.

Buy Nàdar coffee beans today

The journey to create Nàdar has been a remarkable one, filled with collaboration, dedication and a shared passion for great coffee. We hope you enjoy every sip of this special blend.

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