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13 Oct 2023

Legacy gifts: a story of extraordinary generosity

A garden full of tall trees and flowering plants. In the centre a small footbridge crosses a rocky bed. Either side are plants blooming with red and yellow flowers.
Crarae Garden in Argyll
Our charity continues to be honoured and amazed by the generosity of all who support our work – whether that be our members, donors, volunteers or those who support us with a gift in their Will.

The support that people like you so generously give to our charity enables us to keep on protecting Scotland’s magnificent landscapes, caring for our buildings and gardens, conserving our historic collections, and protecting Scotland’s wildlife and the endangered species in our care. We couldn’t do what we do without your support.

Many individuals who choose to leave a gift to our charity in their Will let us know so that they can discuss their legacy wishes with us, and help us plan for the future. However, with some of the gifts we receive, we know very little about those who decide to include a gift in their Will. But what is clear is how meaningful the places in our care are to those who do choose to support in this way. We know that to many, the places in our care hold precious memories, have provided respite from the business of daily life, and represent all that is so special about Scotland’s landscapes and history.

Earlier this year, we were grateful to receive a hugely generous legacy gift from Mrs Colquhoun, a Life Member of our charity who lived in Canada. Mrs Colquhoun gifted all of her residuary estate to our charity – meaning that over £1.8m has been gifted by her to the places and spaces in our care.

A view of Glencoe, with the golden sun shining through the dark clouds at the far end. The road snakes through the bottom of the glen, as towering mountains rise either side.
Glencoe NNR

Mrs Colquhoun became a Life Member in 1985, and over her 37 years of membership she donated to conservation prjoects across Scotland and to a number of our places specifically, including Crarae Garden, Glencoe and Corrieshalloch Gorge. These gifts were often made in loving memory of her husband – as was her legacy gift to our charity.

While we don’t know more about Mrs Colquhoun, what is very clear is that she treasured the places in our care. Mrs Colquhoun’s support throughout her lifetime, and with the gift in her Will left to the Trust, will help to ensure all that we treasure most about Scotland will continue to be conserved and protected for years to come.

A view looking along a deep, woodland gorge towards a waterfall. A suspension bridge spans the gorge above the waterfall.
Corrieshalloch Gorge

Her gift will enable us to push forward with our conservation projects taking place across Scotland, including our continued conservation of the Hill House, our work to protect our islands and their seabird populations, repair work to some of our most-loved historic castles, and all of our continued care and maintenance work at our places. The impact of Mrs Colquhoun’s generosity is significant, and we remain so incredibly grateful for her gift – as we do for all the donations and legacy gifts that our charity receives.

Although we may sometimes know very little about our supporters and why they choose to support our charity in this meaningful way, we continue to be amazed by the kindness and generosity of all those who do include a gift to the Trust in their Will. Legacy gifts of all sizes really do make a huge difference to our work and the future of our charity, at no cost to our supporters during their lifetime.

If you have already included a gift in your Will, please do let us know. We’d love to learn more about your connections to our places, our work and our people. And of course, for us to be able to express our sincere thanks to you for all that your support will do for the places in our care!

If you’re interested in finding out more, or wish to include a gift in your Will in memory of a loved one, read more here or email us at

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