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Leaving a legacy to the Scottish places you treasure

Two people walk on a path through the mountainous landscape of Glencoe.
What are your hopes for the future of Scotland’s magnificent landscapes, gardens, wildlife, buildings and collections?

This is a question we’ve been putting to our members and colleagues across the Trust. Each person’s answer to this question is unique and will depend on where our passions lie. But what is clear is that all the treasured places in our care – and every aspect of our work as Scotland’s largest conservation charity – are deserving of the protection and preservation that we strive to provide.

Today, our places require a great deal of care, attention and investment to remain protected against threats, including the effects of a changing climate, development and the impact of time. And we anticipate that the level of need, and the costs associated, will only increase in years to come.

One way of helping to assure the future of the Trust places you love is to consider including a gift in your Will. Today, gifts in Wills account for 10p of every £1 that we spend on protecting our places and spaces! It would be wonderful if, with your help, we could increase this, as the cost of caring for these places is growing every day.

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So, we ask you to think about your own hopes – for the future of Scotland’s magnificent landscapes and wildlife, peaceful gardens, historical buildings and wonderful collections of art.

The responses below have been submitted both by colleagues from across the Trust and valued supporters. Their responses are certainly inspiring and a stark reminder of the need for our work to continue long into the future. We’d love for you to let us know what your hopes are too: submit your thoughts here.

Margaret, Young Member and Supporter

‘I hope that Scotland’s landscapes, gardens, buildings and collections are preserved and kept as close to their original state as possible, so that my generation and those to come are able to witness accurate representations of their precious Scottish history.’

Roddy Hamilton, Ranger – North East

‘At Castle Fraser, we’ve an outstanding collection of dragonflies and damselflies. I’d wish for them an inspirational Wetland Reserve, where our ponds are bordered by additional areas of new wet vegetation, with opportunities for invertebrate larvae, birds, amphibians, otters, and with inspirational interpretation on boardwalks, enhancing people’s experience of nature.’

Rebecca Miller, Policy Officer – Marines and Coastlines

‘Scotland’s seas and coasts are facing extreme pressures, resulting in declines in fish stocks and biodiversity, increased threat of coastal erosion, and less resilience amongst seabirds. We are campaigning to protect our marine habitats and species in a way that works for communities, fisheries, the environment and nature recovery. All at the Trust believe that Scotland’s marine and coastal heritage is one of our most precious assets, and my hope is that we continue to do all we can to conserve it for current and future generations.’

Seabirds wheel in the air by a rocky coastline. The photo looks out to sea, where a large lump of an island rises on the horizon.
St Kilda

Jackie Bird, President of the Trust

‘Anyone who has ever marvelled at a mountain range, a rose garden, a castle or a painting will understand their power to move. I’d like that emotion to be available to future generations. It’s our watch. We are only custodians of these treasures, here to ensure that we can pass them on for others to enjoy in years to come.’

Catriona, Legacy Supporter and Life Member

‘I received life membership from my mother as a 21st birthday present, which was part of her way of supporting the Trust. My hope for the future is that, by supporting the Trust with a legacy gift, it will continue to restore natural landscapes in order to increase biodiversity and reduce the impact of the climate crisis.’

David Thompson, Head Ranger – Threave Estate

‘My hopes are that our places continue to provide a gateway for young people to learn about Scotland’s heritage – so that they may perhaps be the next generation of rangers, gardeners, ecologists and volunteers.’

Nicola Sweeney, First Gardener – Hill House

‘The people, places and culture of Scotland have a rich and colourful story to tell. My hope is we can continue to tell these stories, and add to them, for present and future generations to come.’

Helen Cole, Senior Ranger Naturalist – Ben Lawers NNR and Moirlanich Longhouse

‘I hope that the pioneering nature conservation work of the Trust at properties like Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve will create habitats and ecosystems which are robust in the face of challenges such as climate change.’

Kate Sampson, Senior Ranger – Countryside and Islands South

‘My hope for the future is that nature continues to take priority and that our woodlands keep extending further – giving our wildlife a helping hand and space to thrive for the future.’

Elspeth and Duncan, Legacy Supporters and Members

‘We love the great outdoors and Scotland’s historical places. We have completed all the Munros and it would be our hope to help protect our natural environment for future generations.’

James Richard Hannaford, Head Gardener – Crathes Castle & Estate

‘That we can protect, enhance and highlight how important all of what we do is for future generations. To be inspirational in how we tell the cultural and historical stories our places have to tell – to inspire the next generation of custodians.’

Emma Inglis, Curator – Glasgow and West

‘I hope that Scotland’s historic buildings and collections continue to be researched, displayed and cared for, for people in the future to enjoy. There’s so much beauty there, and always the chance for magical encounters that feed the soul.’

Please share your hopes for Scotland’s future with us.

And a huge thank you to everyone who supports our charity with a membership, donations, and to those who have included a gift in their Will. We couldn’t do what we do without you, and we are all so grateful for your generous support.

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