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4 Sept 2020

Lawn care at Brodie Castle in September

Written by Ed Walling, Head Gardener at Brodie Castle
Fertilising the lawns at Brodie Castle
Brodie Castle’s Head Gardener, Ed Walling, shares some of his tips for lawn care at this time of the year in this quick video.
Lawn care at Brodie Castle


Hi everyone, so today we are spreading fertiliser on our front lawns. It’s a bit of a wet day, it’s coming towards the end of the season so what we’ve got is a really low nitrogen fertiliser. The reason why you want low nitrogen – nitrogen forces the grass to grow lots, forces lots of growth – that’s not what we want coming into the autumn. We want good root structure, healthy plants going into the winter. So as you can see, Maeve’s behind us with a broad cast spreader. It’s 4 for the nitrogen which is really low – normally you get about 12 for the spring fertiliser.
Really slow – just walking it along.
Really good to do this on a wet day or just before it’s about to rain. We’ve had lots of rain overnight and rain on and off for the rest of today.
So as you can see Maeve’s just walking nice and slowly and slowly putting out the fertiliser.
So we’re doing both front lawns. I’ll pan around, take a few photos and you can see what we’re up to.

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