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How to make a spring hanging basket

How to make a spring hanging basket


Hi everyone, it’s Ed Walling coming from Brodie Castle here. Today, I’m going to be making some spring hanging baskets.

So, as you can see, there’s the bare hanging baskets. I’m going to use these rose tubs, so what I’ll do is put the hanging basket on top of the rose tub like that. This stops it wobbling around and just makes it easier for doing stuff.

As you can see, it’s a bare cage and I’ve got some old hessian that I’m going to use and then I’ll fill it up with compost, put the bedding plants in and top it up with compost from there. Once again, we’re using peat-free, general purpose compost and we’ll get them potted up.

We won’t hang these up yet - it’s too windy at the moment, but we’ll pot them up and should be able to hang them up in 2-3 weeks’ time when all the wind has died down.

There you go, that’s one planted up. As you can see, I’ve made it quite dense. Obviously, this is spring bedding so it’s just going in now as I’ve just bought it from my local nursery – luckily, they’re still delivering (deliveries only). I didn’t touch anything and left it for a couple of days in case there was any coronavirus on it.

So that’s that one in place. Quite dense, and they’ll only be here until the end of May then I’ll do the summer ones with more trialling and stuff like that. There you go!

Ed Walling, Brodie Castle’s Head Gardener, shows how to plant up a hanging basket packed with colourful spring bedding plants, which will bloom until early summer.

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