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29 Oct 2018

Creating pathways to recovery

Repairing paths protects mountains
Repairing paths protects mountains from erosion.
At number 30 on our list of 100 Ways we’re protecting Scotland’s heritage is creating pathways to recovery - we’re taking bold new steps to protect our mountains by repairing the 245 miles of paths at our most mountainous places.

Firmly putting our feet down on our crucial commitment to protect Scotland’s natural environment, we began appealing for donations to the Footpath Fund. This will help maintain some of the country’s most beautiful and popular hiking spots, such as Ben Lawers, Goatfell and Mar Lodge Estate.

Thanks to Scotland’s ever-changing weather and thousands of welcome and well-placed footprints each year, erosion to the path network is one of the largest challenges we face, especially as it could lead to irreversible damage to our magnificent countryside.

National Trust for Scotland President Neil Oliver meets the Footpath Team
Trust President Neil Oliver meets the Footpath Team.
“It’s easy to take our footpaths for granted – people think they have always been here and always will, but it’s quite the contrary. ”
Bob Brown, Footpath Team Manager

Bob continues: ‘There’s been a huge increase in footfall to our wonderful hills, mountains, woodland and coastline as people flock to enjoy the beauty of our landscapes, but this puts huge pressure on the pathways. Public donations can help us care for and love these areas in a sustainable and sensitive way.’

A donation of £25 will allow the team to stabilise the edge of collapsing pathways; £50 will allow a draining solution to be implemented to 4 metres of walkway; and £60 will help restore up to 10 metres of path.

Our footpath team, made up of four people, travels the length and breadth of Scotland year-round, maintaining 245 miles of path network, for the 1 million people who visit every year.

At Ben Lawers alone, there are 187 cross drains, 434 water bars, 944 metres of pitching and 2,974 metres of drains, showing the scale of the work involved at just one site.

To make a donation to our Footpath Fund, visit our Footpath Fund page.

The National Trust for Scotland works every day to protect Scotland’s national and natural treasures. From coastlines to castles, art to architecture, wildlife to wilderness, we protect all of this For the Love of Scotland.

Ben Lawers is a popular walking location
Ben Lawers is a popular walking location.

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