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25 Mar 2020

Cartomania: the portrayal of women in carte de visites

Written by Audrey Rose Mizzi - Morton Project Documentation and Digitsation Intern
A page of a photo album, with a small gold monogram in the centre and the date, 1861.
The monogram of Elizabeth Brodie, Duchess of Gordon, is emblazoned on the inside cover of this photo album
During the ‘cartomania’ phenomenon, many middle-class women took up the hobby of compiling carte de visites of their family and friends. An album from 1860, compiled by Elizabeth Brodie, whose uncle James was 21st Chief of Clan Brodie, attests to this craze that took the photographic world by storm. Naming all the people in this album, Elizabeth leaves us a record of those photographed. In keeping with women’s history month, here are some of the women who caught our eye ...

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