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15 Jul 2019

Behind the scenes with Team East

Written by Rohan Almond, Project Reveal East Team Manager
6 people stand on ascending exterior steps of Newhailes House, holding the handrail, on a bright sunny day.
Team East as we began in 2017, standing on the steps of Newhailes House.
From the printing presses of Robert Smail’s Printing Works to the ceramics at Newhailes, the collections across the east have been varied and fascinating to inventory.

Each property has its own character, be that the building itself, the collections within or the people who work at and visit the place – every location has been a unique experience.

Speaking of the people, for me this is what has made the project truly special. Across the regions, the Reveal teams have worked tirelessly in all sorts of weather, in all sorts of spaces, in order to get the job done, all the while maintaining a sense of positivity and optimism that meant there was never a question of getting finished.

I thought this blog would be a perfect opportunity to look back at some of the ‘people moments’ we had in Team East – a snapshot of what daily life has been like for a Revealer!

Project Reveal is a Trust-wide collections digitisation project. It will result in an updated database with high-quality images and unique object numbers for every item in the National Trust for Scotland material culture collections. Six regionally based project teams, supported by experienced project managers, are working across all our properties with collections to complete the inventory in 24 months from July 2017 until July 2019.

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