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Culloden Battlefield Sgian Brew

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This is a modern twist on the traditional “Sgian Dubh” worn as part of Highland dress. The Gaelic translation means “black” or hidden knife and was mostly used for self-protection and eating. The Sgian Brew can be worn on any occasion with its function as a bottle opener. The handle is Beech wood topped with a contrasting piece of African Blackwood, and the stags head opener is produced from stainless steel. 

Approximate Size:

Sgian Brew: 16.6cm long, 2cm diameter

Stand: 9cm x 7cm x2cm


Between the 16th and 18th centuries, there was a huge Royal hunting forest which belonged to the Earl of Moray close to Culloden Moor. In 1746, the year the battle of Culloden took place, a beech sapling was growing. Almost 300 years on the tree was felled to make way for a new bridge over the River Nairn. This exclusive range has been created using the wood from that Beech tree.

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