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Culloden Battlefield Jacobite Toasting Tray

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Toasting was a common tradition in Jacobite Scotland. “Uisge Beatha” in Gaelic translates to “The water of life”. Whisky toasts celebrated life occasions; weddings, funerals, family and clan ceremonies. 

The toast was to “The King!", then you would pass your glass over a bowl of water that was on the table. This signified a toast to the Stuart King in France who was “oer the water”. No names were mentioned so that the toast was to the King that you were loyal to and no treason against the British King George was committed.

Approximate Size: 21cm x 9cm x 2cm

Between the 16th and 18th centuries, there was a huge Royal hunting forest which belonged to the Earl of Moray close to Culloden Moor. In 1746, the year the battle of Culloden took place, a beech sapling was growing. Almost 300 years on the tree was felled to make way for a new bridge over the River Nairn. This exclusive range has been created using the wood from that Beech tree.

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