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Pink Castle Wool Scarf by Helen Ruth

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Introducing the Pink Castle Wool Scarf by Helen Ruth: A Fairytale Journey Inspired by Craigievar Castle

An exquisite piece of wearable art crafted by Helen Ruth. Inspired by the enchanting Craigievar Castle and designed exclusively for the National Trust for Scotland, this scarf weaves together history, nature, and elegance.

Original Hand-Drawn Illustrations. Each scarf begins with Helen’s pen and ink illustrations. She captures the castle’s essence—the play of light on the walls, the whisper of leaves in the wind, and the distant echoes of knights and ladies.

Intricate and Layered Prints. These hand-drawn artworks are transformed into digital files, where they come alive with colour, depth, and magic. Includes historical references, details from the interior architecture and significant artefacts from inside the castle. It’s a canvas of wonder that drapes beautifully around your shoulders.

100% wool twill, the scarf feels warm against your skin.

The wool scarf is a testament to Helen’s passion for luxury accessories that tell stories. It’s not just a scarf; it’s a journey through time and imagination.


Dimensions: 125x125cm (50x50")

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