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Pink Castle 100% Linen Print by Helen Ruth

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Introducing the Pink Castle Linen Print by Helen Ruth: A Fairytale Journey Inspired by Craigievar Castle

Inspiration: Craigievar Castle, with its fairytale turrets and rich history, served as the muse for this captivating print. The castle, once a family home for over 300 years, resonates with echoes of ancient tales and hidden treasures.

Design Details:

The delicate linen fabric showcases the soft blush hues reminiscent of Craigievar’s iconic pink tower.
Intricate linework captures the castle’s architectural elegance, from its crenellated parapets to the winding staircases within.


Each print is crafted using premium linen, ensuring both durability and a tactile, organic feel.
Helen Ruth’s attention to detail brings the castle to life, making this print a true work of art.


Hang it in your living room to evoke the spirit of Scottish baronial grandeur.
Place it in a cosy study, where tales of knights and noble families come alive.
Gift it to a friend who cherishes heritage and dreams of castle adventures.


Printed on 100% linen woven fabric with a hand-frayed edge.

A3 size

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