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Whisky & Gin Gifts

The National Trust for Scotland offers a wide range of alcohol items, including hampers, Scottish chocolate, whisky and gin gifts, plus tumblers and glasses. Shop now. 

  1. luxury hamper shown in front of a fireplace
    Christmas Luxury Hamper
  2. Pinewood Gin Gift Box Hamper
    Christmas Pinewood Gin Gift Box Hamper
  3. Close up of the front of Pinewood Conservation Gin bottle, in the Mar Lodge Estate
    Food, Drink & Gift Hampers Pinewood Conservation Gin 50cl
  4. A bottle of Battle of Culloden whisky in a curved shape with a label 'Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. 8 years old.' There is a glass behind the bottle with the etching 'Today's rain is tomorrow's whisky.'
    Food, Drink & Gift Hampers Culloden Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl 40% ABV
  5. Inverewe Garden Scottish Blend Whisky 70cl 40% ABV
    Food, Drink & Gift Hampers Inverewe Garden Scottish Blend Whisky 70cl 40% ABV
  6. culzean whisky bottle set on a table with a half filled glass beside it
    Food, Drink & Gift Hampers Culzean Castle Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl 40% ABV
  7. The bottle of Schiltron whisky next to the round packing it comes in.
    Food, Drink & Gift Hampers BLACK FRIDAY DEAL Schiltron Single Malt Whisky 70cl
    Special Price £30.00
  8. In a library on a table are a bottle of whisky (sold separately), decanter with whisky and two glasses. The glasses and decanter have a line etched from the Robert Burns' poem A Red, Red Rose: ''Till all the seas gang dry.'
    Homeware, Garden & Gifts Robert Burns Etched Whisky Crystal Decanter & Tumblers Gift Box
  9. The 3 bottles of regional spring water: Highland, Islay and Speyside. They sit on a wooden tray and there is also a glass pipette for serving.
    Food, Drink & Gift Hampers Whisky Water Connoisseur Tasting Set
    Special Price £26.68
  10. Whisky being poured into a glass with an engraving that says 'Today's rain is tomorrow's whisky.' There is a whisky bottle behind.
    Homeware, Garden & Gifts Today's Rain Whisky Glass
  11. the glencairn whisky glass, shown with a granite ice cube in it and half filled with culzean whisky
    Homeware, Garden & Gifts Glencairn Whisky Glass
  12. The poster showing a map of Scotland with the lists of Distilleries.
    Books & Stationery Scotch Whisky Collect & Scratch Map