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Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glass - Glencoe

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Elevate your whisky experience with the Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glass, an exclusive creation for the National Trust for Scotland that pays homage to the majestic Glencoe Mountain range. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, this whisky glass embodies the spirit of Scotland's rugged landscapes and the art of whisky appreciation.

Adorned with a panoramic depiction of the awe-inspiring Glencoe Mountain range, this whisky glass is a tribute to Scotland's breathtaking natural beauty. The intricate design captures the essence of the mountains, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey with every sip.

Made with the finest crystal, this whisky glass indulges you in both visual and tactile splendour. Its carefully designed shape enhances the whisky's aromas, allowing you to fully appreciate its complex notes. The weight of the glass feels substantial in your hand, adding to the sense of refinement and luxury.


Weight: 0.414 kg
Dimensions: 87 × 80 × 80 mm
Material: Lead free crystal
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Glass Dimensions: 92 x 80mm
Glass Volume: 300ml
Glass Weight: 335g

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