As bees flee hame wi’ lades o’ treasure, The minutes wing’d their way wi’ pleasure:’ [Tam o’ Shanter, 1790]

Oor shoaps bode a muckle reenge o tradeetional Scottish mindins, scran, drams an wan aff reenges fae local suppliers. Veesit oor Museum Shoap an fin a muckle choice o mindins o yir veesit, wi prices tae suit aa pooches.

If yir hankerin eftir lairnin mair aboot the man an his wirk, ye’ll fin a muckle reenge o music an publications tae. We stock a wunnerfu reenge o wean’s leeterature in the Scots leid. Dinnae gae hame wioot oor guidebuik as a wee mindin an, fir the weans, the Wee Guide tae Burns Cottage.

We wirk wi a nummer o oor suppliers an local crafters tae mak bespoke hings, so leuk oot fir wan aff reenges, sic lik jewellery by local crafter Anne Mcfarlane an bonnie framed airtwirk by Southbeach Design.

We ay ettle tae fin new suppliers an aa, so if yir a reglar veesitor ye shid fin a muckle clamjamfrie o new an interestin hings arrivin ower the neist year.

The Naitional Trust fir Scotland pairtners wi Regatta ootdoor claes company, which hus gien us the chance tae offer thaur products at unco braw prices – these cin be foun in the museum shoap. At Yule time, we hae a wheen o braw baubles an skinkle an ideas fir praisents an wee mindins.