‘Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o’ the puddin’-race!’ [‘Address to a Haggis’, 1787] Oor café sells freshly cuiked het scran, snashters, bree an deleecious haim bakin. The café cin be foun in the museum biggin. Stert the day wi a bacon butty an coffee (served tae 12 in the eftirnin) or trait yirsel tae wan o oor freshly haim baken scones or a wee sint haim bakin, baken oan sicht an available aa day lang. We aye hae gluten-free wans tae. Ye cin git hoat scran atween 12-3pm. Hoat speeshals ur servit up in the café atween 12-2pm, wi a menu thit chynges ilka day. Fir ordinar, we hae a haggis dish fir ye tae pree! We hae a wheen o different kinds o pieces an aa, paninis an twa kinds o bree aa day lang, as weel as scran fir the weans. We’re gey vauntie tae hiv gotten a hize fae NHS Scotland, earnin thaur Healthy Leevin Awaird. We aye mak shair we hiv healthy scran an a rowth o guid choices. We ur pridefu thit we hae weel kent local suppliers, bodin the brawest o Ayrshire produce whaur possible. We’re a breistfeedin-freenly bidin an hae a wean’s neuk ben the café whaur weans cin play. On a guid day ye cin git baukit ootside in the sun an enjoy the gairden. Dugs are walcome in the gairden oan a lead, so yir fower-leggit freens cin jine ye fir a coffee brek, or ye cin come awa in fir a mug o tea an trait yirsel eftir yir daily dauner. We walcome caterin fir swarms o fowk, offerin mornin coffee wi shortbreid or brakefast rolls; brees an pieces; hoat meals; an eftirnin an heich teas. Tae hae a wee blether aboot whit yir hankerin eftir, gie us a caa on 01292 443700.