Burns Cottar Hoose Biggin

His wee bit ingle, blinkin bonilie,
His clean hearth-stane, his thrifty wifie’s smile
The lisping infant, prattling on his knee,
Does a’ his weary kiaugh and care beguile,
’ [The Cotter’s Saturday Night, 1785]

This bien three-room cot hoose is whaur Burns wis born an bidit til he wis seevin year auld. Hae a keek at the toatie boax bed thit Robert shared wi his three siblings whin he wis a wean.

Burns an his faimily bidit haund fir nieve wi thaur fairm beasts. Ben the scullery, they ett thaur meals thigither, read by the sperk an lowe o the flames, courit roon the ingle-neuk, an gat thaur airliest scuilin. The scullery area is brocht tae life wi an eldritch rendeetion o Tam O Shanter, re-creatin the virr o the hoose whaur Burns’s eemagination furst tak lowe.

Throuoot, the waas o the biggin aur scrievit wi wee bits o Burns’s verse an a wheen o braw Scots wirds, sic like ‘hawkie’ an ‘crambo-jingle.’ Ootside is the wee cottar hoose gairden whaur Robert tentit the crops alangside his faither an brither Gilbert.

The Cottar Hoose biggin wis a privately rentit hoose an thin a yill hoose fir maist o the 19th century, afore bin brocht back tae its furmer glory by the Burns Moniment Trust in 1881.

Raicent speirins hiv shawn thit the ootside o Burns Cottar Hoose Biggin hus bin gaun doon the brae an we ur ettlin tae hize siller tae uphaud it.