‘Now, do thy speedy utmost, Meg,

And win the key-stane o’ the brig;’ [Tam o’ Shanter, 1790]

Follae in Tam o Shanter’s fitsteps ower the causeystane brig thit crosses ower the River Doon.

Also kent as the “Auld Brig”, Brig o Doon is the oreeginal 15th-century causeystane brig, an it wis the settin fir yin o Burns’s maist weel kent wirks.

This is the brig thit Tam o Shanter beltit ower oan his cuddie, fleein fae the carlins an warlocks (legend wid hiv it they cannae cross watter). The pair mear Meg isnae jist as cannie as Tam, an loasses her tail.

The day it’s a cantie bit fir a wheen o tour groups, folk takin photies, an fir waddin pairties tae gaither an hae a swatch at the unspilt bonnie vizzies o the Ayrshire kintraside. The nairra, aircht fitbrig is sic a muckle lanmerk thit it cin een be seen oan monie a Scottish fiver!