Privacy Policy for Partnership and Community Groups

What information do we hold about you and why?

Registering to partner with us

When you register to partner with us, we will collect the following information about you:

  • Your full name – to register your interest in partnering with us
  • Your contact email – to contact you about your registration
  • Your organisation’s name, registration number and address – for the purposes of registering your organisation as a partner
  • Your main contact’s name, role, telephone number and email address – for the purposes of registering the organisation as a partner

Our legal grounds in relation to this processing is legitimate interests, in that the processing is necessary for processing your registration with us as a partnership group.

Supporting our partners and community groups

Once you are registered, we will use any information you have provided to us for the purposes of supporting your relationship with us. We will also collect the following information about members of your group if you visit one of our properties or places to take part in activities:

  • Their names and contact details – to support their relationship with us
  • Their age group – to manage any activities planned with each group
  • Their access needs – to support all members when participating in activities
  • Their health and medical information – to support individuals who may require assistance during an activity or may require urgent help or care

Our legal grounds in relation to this processing is legitimate interests, in that the processing is necessary for supporting you as a partnership group. When collecting health and medical information, the processing is necessary for ensuring the health and safety of individuals who are taking part in activities with us.

Visiting our properties and places

We operate CCTV/video surveillance cameras at some of our properties. CCTV is used for maintaining the security of property and premises; for preventing and investigating crime; and for detecting, apprehending and prosecuting offenders.

If CCTV is in operation, appropriate signage will be in place and the operating procedures will be regularly audited by the property manager to ensure compliance with relevant standards and legislation.

Where we host a CCTV system for which another organisation is responsible, there will be an agreement in place to cover:

  • agreed responsibilities for compliance with data protection law
  • named contacts responsible for the operation of the CCTV system in each organisation
  • a procedure for handling requests for access to CCTV footage

Photography and filming

If we plan to take photographs or film individuals or small groups during a visit or at an event you have booked, we will ask for your consent to take and use these images, before doing so. You have a right to withdraw your consent at any time, but you should note that it might be difficult to remove images if they have been published.

If we plan to take photographs or film large events, we will inform you that photography or filming is due to take place at the point of booking and will ensure there is clear signage on the day. If you would prefer not to be included in any images, or do not want your image to be published, please contact us and we will find ways to manage this carefully on the day.

Contacting us with enquiries

When you contact us with an enquiry, we will collect the following information from you:

  • Your name – to effectively process your enquiry
  • Your preferred contact details – to respond to your enquiry
  • The details of your enquiry – to respond to your enquiry
  • We may also ask for your email address and postcode if you do not know or have a membership number, to help identify you, but this is optional

When we process information about you to respond to comments, questions and queries you have raised with us, our legal grounds for processing are our legitimate interests in that it is necessary to process your information to effectively respond to your enquiry and manage any additional enquiries in future.

If you call us with a general enquiry, other than renewing a membership, we will use a third party to handle your call. They will collect the same categories of data as highlighted above and will record all calls to verify our quality of customer service. This is for the purposes of improving our customer service and enabling us to follow up when problems arise.

Consultations, surveys and feedback

When we conduct consultation exercises, research and surveys with you that involve the processing of your personal data, we will collect the following information from you:

  • Your name – to record your feedback and respond to any feedback and comments raised
  • Your comments, opinions and views – in support of the research aims and to improve our communications, experiences and operations, ensuring they continue to meet your expectations
  • Your email address – to communicate with you regarding your feedback or to send newsletters (if you have provided consent)

When we process the above information about you, our legal grounds for processing are our legitimate interests in that it is necessary to respond to feedback and improve our communications and experiences. If we ask for special category data (eg your ethnic origin) we will inform you of the purposes at the time of data collection and we will only process this data with your consent.

Who will have access to your data and who will we share it with?

Access to your personal data will be restricted to Trust employees and volunteers on a need-to-know basis only. Access will be provided for the purposes of supporting you as a partner, understanding your interests and relationship with us, and making sure we keep you informed about the things important to you.

We will never sell your data to third parties.

We will only ever share your information with third parties in relation to supporting your relationship with us and auditing our practice. To make your interactions with us as efficient as possible, we will share your information with:

  • Our call handling company – for the purposes of handling telephone enquiries
  • Our website host – for the purposes of managing enquiries submitted through our website
  • Our payments processors – for the purposes of processing secure card payments at tills, contactless points and online. Please refer to the Privacy Policies of Sage Pay, Worldpay and Verifone for further information.
  • Our electronic newsletter provider – for the purposes of delivering our newsletter and gathering statistics around email opening and clicks to help us monitor and improve content
  • Our core systems provider – for the purposes of maintaining accurate supporter records
  • Our survey provider – for the purposes of collating and reporting on any feedback you provide
  • Our research partners – for the purposes of conducting research on our behalf

Where these third parties are acting as data controllers, they are required to handle your personal data in accordance with all applicable data protection laws. For further information about how they do this, please refer to their privacy policies.

Where the third parties are acting as data processors, processing personal data on behalf of the Trust, we have contracts in place with these third parties which require them to process your personal data on our instructions only. They will not process your personal data for any other purpose, and they will retain it securely.

In some cases, your data will be processed outside of the UK. Where this is the case, we will ensure that there are adequate safeguards in place (for example, the use of International Data Transfer Agreements) for the protection of your personal data.

How long will we keep your personal data?

  • Information held on your record (including contact details, enquiries): 6 years from the end of our financial year in which the partnership ended
  • Health and medical data: 6 months after the activity has taken place. In the event that medical care is provided, this information will form part of an incident record and will be retained for 6 years from date of incident or until a claim is settled; or if you are under the age of 16, until you reach 21 years of age.
  • Recorded calls: 3 months
  • Credit/Debit Card payments: held until the transaction is successfully completed.
  • CCTV images: one calendar month unless a crime or incident has been reported and the images are to be retained in line with the investigation. Also, if we receive a request for access to CCTV images, a copy of the images provided will be retained for 2 years.
  • Photographs/video footage: permanently unless you ask us to delete your information.
  • Consultation exercise and survey responses: this will be dependent on the research being conducted. Please refer to the privacy statement provided on the data collection form or contact our Data Protection Officer for further information.