Thinking of leaving?

We’d be sorry to see you leave!

During these difficult times, your support has never been more vital. As a charity, we rely almost entirely on our members and donors, and so your ongoing support is hugely important to us. And we continue to do all we can to preserve Scotland’s irreplaceable heritage, so that you can enjoy it once again when better days return.

Your generosity allows us to undertake vital work such as maintaining mountain footpaths so they remain accessible, making vital repairs to our historic castles and palaces, and restoring meadows to help birds, butterflies and bees flourish.

Members can also connect with the places, properties and collections that make Scotland so special through our website and social media platforms. You can sign up for member-exclusive digital content and activities to do in your house and garden on our stay in touch page or by going to your My Trust account and choosing to receive news and updates to your inbox.

Membership benefits

If you cancel your National Trust for Scotland membership, you’ll lose out on the benefits that make membership great:

  • Free entry to National Trust for Scotland places
  • Free or concessionary entry to places owned by National Trust organisations worldwide, including in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Free parking in our car parks
  • Our annual Guide to properties
  • Our member magazine

How can I cancel my membership?

If you’d like to cancel your membership, please get in touch using our contact form, quoting your membership number.