Inveresk Lodge Garden teacher information

Inveresk Lodge Garden is an attractive, terraced hillside garden surrounding a 17th-century lodge house (not open to the public). The garden is displayed in a number of mixed beds containing trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.

There’s a small mixed woodland area to one side of the meadow and a pond (with a dipping platform), which adds to the variety of wildlife found here. The Edwardian glasshouse provides colour all year round. Teachers can use all areas of the garden for school visits.

The school visit offers opportunities for cross-curricular work and engaging with the Curriculum for Excellence. Supervised groups of children of all ages are welcome. Teacher-led walks should be booked with the Property Manager, as for safety reasons we need to know when your pupils are on site.

Possible topics

  • Woodland
  • Minibeasts

Resources for schools

  • The Wildlife Trail (we provide a free copy for the class teacher when the visit is booked – you may photocopy this for your pupils if you wish)

Planning your class visit

  • To book: please contact the Property Manager.
  • Inveresk Lodge Garden is open for school visits all year round.
  • Maximum class size: 30 pupils, with a ratio of 1 teacher/adult helper to 10 pupils
  • Access: we regret that there’s very limited access to the garden for wheelchair users. The garden has steps and sloping ground.
  • Parking: pupils can be dropped off at the garden entrance - if you need to park a coach, please check arrangements when booking your visit.
  • Toilets: there’s a fully accessible toilet at the greenhouse.
  • Refreshments: the garden is ideal for picnics in good weather (there’s no wet weather shelter).
  • Clothing: pupils should be dressed appropriately for the outdoors.
  • The site has been risk assessed. Teachers should prepare their own risk assessment for the visit.


  • For the latest charges, please contact the property.
  • All class teachers are encouraged to make a free preparatory visit to the site.

During your class visit

  • On arrival: please bring your pupils through the garden entrance to assemble on the lawn - a Trust staff member will be waiting for you.
  • A teacher-led visit to the garden can take between 1–1.5 hours, depending on the activities.
  • A class should be split into groups.
  • SAFETY NOTE: there are ponds and 2 beehives within the garden.
  • Teachers are responsible for their pupils and their behaviour.
  • Pupils are welcome to take photos/films.