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Over the next few years, the Trust will be replanting hundreds of thousands of trees. Can you donate today and help us restore Scotland’s green spaces?

For yourself or for a loved one, in celebration or in memory, help us to nurture and protect Scotland’s wonderful woodlands for generations to come.

Help us restore Scotland’s vital woodlands by choosing one of our three planting projects to support. From replanting the hundreds of thousands of trees across Aberdeenshire lost to Storm Arwen to helping montane woodland regenerate at Ben Lawers to protecting the rare and endemic Arran Whitebeam at Glen Rosa.

As a thank you for your dedication we’ll send you a personalised certificate to keep or gift to a loved one.

  • £7.50 will help us plant 1 sapling
  • £75 will help us plant 10 saplings
  • £750 will help us plant 1,000 square metres of woodland
  • £7,500 will help us plant a hectare of woodland

Craigievar Castle

At Craigievar, we’ll be planting over 37,000 Scots pines, which will link smaller parcels of the Caledonian forest together. Not only will this store over 37,000 tonnes of carbon, but the new trees will create woodland corridors for species such as the red squirrel to spread into, creating new habitats in which this endangered animal can thrive. In turn, the squirrels will also help spread native tree seeds across a larger area of land, encouraging natural woodland regeneration in the area.

An avenue of trees, with a view through their branches of rolling fields.
Can you donate today and help us restore Scotland’s green spaces?

Dedicate a tree

Donate Today