Save the Fyvie Guardians

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Fyvie Castle is a magnificent fortress with over 800 years of history. Its interiors are filled with antiquities, armour and oil paintings; and this grandeur continues on its carved sandstone exteriors. The detailed stonework includes an army of stone Guardians, ranging from musicians and sports players to fantastic beasts.

However, the Guardians and the castle’s unique carvings are now crumbling and are in urgent need of conservation. Temporary repairs, while on-going, have not stopped the deterioration of the stonework and some pieces of masonry have begun to fall from the castle. This poses an immediate hazard, so we need to act fast.

The Trust has recently undertaken research into the condition of the stonework and has come up with a plan of action. This will include covering some of the carvings with chemicals to prevent further water damage and to bind the sandstone. We will also restore and replace specified carvings. This work is needed across the exterior of this much-loved historic building.

As well as saving the castle and its fierce and beautiful stone characters, this project will also bring the Trust’s work to life by providing an exciting opportunity for visitors to experience and witness this vital conservation work in action.

We are now calling on all those who love Fyvie and its incredible history to join us in our battle against time and the elements, and to help us raise the £2 million necessary to save the Guardians.

Help to ensure Fyvie’s Guardians can continue to stand atop the castle for generations to come by making a donation today.