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Gladstones Land is a unique historic building on the Royal Mile that was built to be the home of the wealthiest residents of Edinburgh. The oldest part was constructed during the reign of Mary Queen of Scots and reached its full magnificence when the Gladstone family purchased and extended the property in the early 1600s. We are often described as a hidden gem and lie just a stone's throw from Edinburgh Castle, in the heart of the Old Town. Guests in our holiday apartments soak up the atmosphere of historic Edinburgh whilst enjoying arguably one of the best addresses that the city has to offer. The Gladstone family originally made their home in the top floors of the building and rented out the lower floors to a Knight and his family and a Minister from St Giles Cathedral, amongst others. When the Trust rescued the building from demolition in 1934, a wealthy Edinburgh resident gifted the Trust �1000 to help renovate the property and create apartments for those of little means. Forming an essential part of Edinburghs Old Town silhouette, the Gladstone Flat provides views over the city and into the hidden courtyards that surround the rear of the building. The area is famous for having the worlds first sky scrapers and Gladstones Land is one of those last remaining tenements.
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We are looking for volunteers who can help us with the maintenance of these beautiful gardens and grounds.. Overlooking the Montrose basin, William Adams elegant 18th Century creation the House of Dun is the focus of beautifully landscaped grounds. East of the house the beautiful walled garden, restored based on images of the garden in the 1890s. The terrace gives form to the south, with trained Scottish apples and pear trees, clipped box and yew hedging. West of the house the garden is less formal: a den garden with fanfares of colour from Rhododendrons and Azaleas, Ferns and Hostas. Informal trails lead around the woodland den and the wider estate which includes Montrose Basin Nature Reserve. Participating in a wide range of tasks around the garden, this role would be ideal for someone with a keen interest in gardening. If you enjoy working outdoors, this role may be perfect for you.
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