Cradle of Scottish Christianity surrounded by white sandy beaches and turquoise seas

  • See the burial places of early Scottish kings, including Macbeth.

  • Listen out for the distinctive rasping call of the secretive, and rare, corncrake.

  • Experience the calming, spiritual atmosphere which envelops Iona.

  • Enjoy a free game of golf on the island’s golf course.

In AD563 Iona became the gateway to Christianity in Scotland, when St Columba and his followers arrived on its shores. Today there is still a special spiritual quietness to the island, and it’s easy to see why it has been a sanctuary for pilgrims for hundreds of years.

After visiting the Benedictine abbey, cross to the Bay at the Back of the Ocean and discover the island’s beautiful white sandy beaches and clear turquoise seas. Don’t miss a trip to the top of Dùn Ì, where you can search for the mysterious Well of Eternal Youth.