Places to visit

Hugh Miller's Birthplace Cottage & Museum

Hugh Miller's Birthplace Cottage & Museum

Humble abode of one of the great Scots of the 19th century

  • Explore the fascinating collection of Hugh Miller’s fossils, tools and manuscripts in the museum.

  • Look out for the sundial pedestal carved by Hugh himself.

  • Hear the vivid description of Hugh’s Black Isle childhood – much of it in his own words.

  • Take heed of Miller’s advice to ‘Make a right use of your eyes’ and search for the six mystery objects which are hidden in the Garden of Wonders.

Fossil hunter, folklorist, Christian, stonemason, geologist, newspaper editor, social justice campaigner – Hugh Miller was one of the great Scots of the 19th century. His quests and writings have left a huge legacy of knowledge, but as these two adjacent properties testify he came from humble beginnings.

The thatched cottage where Hugh was born in 1802 was built by Hugh's pirate great grandfather, while the handsome Georgian villa, now an interactive museum, was built by his father. Outside, Miller’s Yard Garden of Wonders is a beautiful place to take a breath of fresh air.