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Glenfinnan Monument

Glenfinnan Monument

Iconic monument honouring those who died fighting the Jacobite cause

  • Raise your bonnet to the lone highlander on top of the Glenfinnan Monument.

  • Join a guided tour to climb to the top of the monument and admire the sweeping views.

  • Discover the full story of the ’45 at Glenfinnan Visitor Centre.

  • Spot the Harry Potter film locations, including the Glenfinnan viaduct and the island where the Triwizard Tournament was held.

Framed by spectacular Highland scenery at the head of Loch Shiel, the Glenfinnan Monument is a striking tribute to those who fought in the Jacobite Risings.

Less than a year before the Battle of Culloden, Prince Charles Edward Stuart raised his father’s Standard at Glenfinnan, marking the start of the 1745 Jacobite campaign. An army of 1,500 rallied to join Bonnie Prince Charlie – they marched as far south as Derby before the retreat began that would seal their fate.

In 1815, the 18m-high monument was built here, with the lone, kilted highlander at the top providing a poignant reminder of the clansmen who gave their lives to the Jacobite cause.

The modern exhibition in the visitor centre tells the story of Prince Charles Edward Stuart and the 1745 Jacobite Rising.