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Fair Isle

Fair Isle

Fair Isle

The UK's most remote inhabited island, famed for its seabirds and fabulous knitwear

  • Watch the island’s highly skilled craftspeople at work – spinning, weaving and, of course, knitting Fair Isle jumpers.

  • Fair Isle is a birdwatcher’s paradise – it’s a vital stopping off point for migrating birds and more than 350 species have been recorded here.

  • See signs of the island’s fascinating past everywhere, from remnants of Iron Age settlements to places named after Viking invaders and the wreck of a World War II German plane.

  • Walk the length of the 3 mile island – there’s a Stevenson lighthouse at each end.

Truly get away from it all with a visit to Fair Isle.

Immortalised in the shipping news, and famous for its distinctive knitwear, Fair Isle is the most remote thriving community in the UK. It lies almost exactly halfway between Shetland and Orkney and can be reached by boat or small plane.

Ashore is a warm, welcoming community, consisting mainly of craftspeople, conservationists, boat-builders and crofters. Renowned as a place to see birds, there’s much else to discover – from archaeological remains to the famous Stevenson lighthouses.