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If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can call us Monday - Friday, 9 - 5pm (GMT).

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1. How can I book an NTS Property?

You can book an NTS property through this website or by calling the NTS Holidays Team on 0131 458 0305 or email

The website allows you to browse all National Trust for Scotland properties, check availability and prices, and then book and pay for your holiday. All from the comfort of your armchair! All website bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance of the holiday. If you are looking to book a holiday within the next 7 days, please call the Holidays Team on 0131 458 0305 or email and they will be pleased to advise you on current availability.

Lines are open Monday to Friday, 0900 - 1700 GMT.

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2. How can I browse properties on the website?

There are a number of ways to view property information on the website.

By accessing the Holiday Accommodation section, you can view all the properties within a given area. You then have the option to sort these properties by either name or
rating. Each property has its own page that provides further information.

If you want something different, our Specialist Properties is the section for you. This lists all specialist properties such as castles. The listings are presented in the same
way as the Holiday Accommodation section. Please note specialist properties are also listed within the Holiday Accommodation section.

Finally if you are looking for a specific type of property, you can use our Accommodation Finder. This allows you to find properties that meet your specific requirements such
as having a certain facility.

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3. How can I find out if a property is available and its price?

Each listed property is accompanied by a 'details and prices' button. This leads you to a page that provides further details on that property. Within this page there is a 'Pricing/Availability' panel on the right-hand side. You can choose the type of break you are interested in, and the month you'd like to book. Once you press the 'prices and availability' button, the site will confirm what dates are available for the type of break chosen and their price.

If a break is available, just click on the check box to select it, and press the 'Book Now' button.

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4. What does it mean when a property is Unavailable?

If a property is marked as "Unavailable", this means that the particular break type you have selected is not available for that property during that period. In this situation you
should try an alternative break type or period.

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5. How much deposit is required when booking a property?

The deposit is 20% of the total cost of the holiday and must be paid to confirm your booking. If the holiday start date is within the next two months then you will be required to pay the holiday in full.

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6. If I book online, will my credit card information be safe?

Yes. All credit card transactions are conducted on a secure server. The information submitted is not saved by the National Trust for Scotland and is used only for this transaction.

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7. Do I have to book online?

You can also telephone the Holidays Team on 0131 458 0305 or email us at Booking online has its benefits. You can view/book properties at a time that suits you. The process is also faster as you can choose what information you want to see.

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8. What if I want to book a holiday that starts within 7 days?

Dates within 7 days will not appear on the website.

Telephone reservations can be accepted less than 7 days before the holiday start date. Please contact the NTS Holiday team on 0131 458 0305 or email for further details. We are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

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9. Can I only book the break types specified in the website?

We are often able to accommodate holiday requests outwith specified breaks. If you would like to discuss your personal requirements please call the NTS Holidays Team on 0131 458 0305 or email and we'll do our very best to accommodate your request.

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10. What if I book online, but make a mistake?

When booking a property, there is always the option to return to the previous step.

Before the holiday is booked, the website will also confirm all the information you have provided. It's important you review this carefully. If there are any mistakes, you can
change them here.

If you have booked, and subsequently realise there is a mistake, please call the NTS Holiday team on 0131 458 0305. Our team will be happy to help resolve any issues.

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11. What if I want to cancel a holiday?

Cancellation insurance is not provided and we strongly recommend you take out your own travel insurance. It is important you read our cancellation/refund policy before making your booking.

If you do wish to cancel, please contact the Holidays Team on 0131 458 0305 or email You are reminded that a refund can only be made if the Trust is able to re-let the accommodation. If successful, the Trust will refund any monies paid less a ?30 cancellation fee.

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