Castle tour

Entry to the castle is by guided tour, and begins outside at the front of the castle. Your guide will give you a brief introduction to the history of the castle itself, and you’ll then step inside to the stone entrance staircase. On your way round you will see rooms including the drawing room, dining room, library, the earl’s room, the blue room, and the nursery, and hear stories of the individuals and families who shaped Kellie.

The T-shaped structure of Kellie Castle originally started as a single tower house, and has undergone centuries of additions and remodelling; it now consists of three connected towers all from different dates, with a central section connecting them.

From 1150 when the first mention of Kellie occurs, the estate passed through the families of Siward, Oliphant and Erskine, until 1797 when there were no direct heirs and no immediate heirs. The castle and grounds fell into ruin and neglect until discovered in the 1870s by the Lorimer family. James Allan Lorimer took a long lease on Kellie, and repaired and restored the castle to make it a comfortable family holiday home.