Formal gardens

Wander around our beautiful walled garden with the stunning rose bower at the centre, restored by the Trust to the original design laid out by Lady Augusta in the 1840s. Admire sweet-smelling roses, peonies, violas and lupins. The herbaceous borders provide a rich palette of colour throughout the spring and summer months.

Take a stroll along the south terrace, where you will find superb views down to the Montrose Basin and beyond. The stone steps and pillars, yew hedges and parterre were all added by Lady Augusta, but the urns on top of the pillars are modern reproductions. Lining the walls are pears and Scottish varieties of apples, which have been trained as espaliers. The 1723 sundial on the lawn is older than the house, but it was also made for Lord Dun.

Admire the magnificent line of towering wellingtonias along the front of the house. They were planted over 160 years ago and were among the first of their kind to be planted in the UK.