Hill of Tarvit supports a wide variety of wildlife throughout the year, so it’s a great place to check out natural sights, sounds and smells!

The buildings surrounding the house are home to a number of pipistrelle and long-eared bat roosts. The bats commonly feed at dusk and dawn around the garden and nearby woodlands. A good place to see them leave a roost is at the front corner of the laundry house between June and September.

A walk through the woods may reward you with the sight of a red squirrel. Roe deer and badgers also live on the estate and if you’re really lucky you may see them on a quiet walk at dusk.

The combination of garden, woodland and grassland means that Hill of Tarvit is a favourite with birdlife – woodpeckers, chiff chaffs, sparrowhawks, song thrushes, goldfinches, buzzards and bullfinches are just some of our many inhabitants.

The re-establishment of the golf course with its rough has encouraged the return of barn owls and more breeding skylarks, and it’s also home to a flock of black Hebridean sheep.