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Edinburgh & The Lothians

Gladstone’s Land

One of the oldest buildings on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile boasts fascinating hand-painted Renaissance interiors

Upcoming Events

Hidden Histories: Nationalism - a Brief and Varied History

26 Sep 2020
Paid Event | Book online

As nationalism supposedly returns to politics, who is a nationalist and who is a patriot, and how does this all work in a globalised world? Furthermore, where do Scotland and the United Kingdom sit in all this?

Gladstone's Land Lecture Series- Painted Decoration in Scottish Renaissance Interiors

5 Nov 2020
Paid Event | Book online

The 16th century through to the mid-17th century, often referred to as the Scottish Renaissance, was a period of thriving creative activity in Scotland. This era has left us with a collection of decoratively painted interiors in properties throughout the country, particularly along the eastern coast. This lecture will describe some of the challenges facing conservators in caring for and displaying these rare survivals in the 21st century. 

Gladstone's Land Lecture Series - Frivolity, Fakery and Flirtation: The History of Fancy Dress

3 Dec 2020
Paid Event | Book online

 This lecture will trace the rise of fancy dress in the UK from the risqué 18th century pleasure gardens, through the often sanitised costume balls of the Victorian period to our modern concepts of dressing up.