Outlander at Falkland

Filming occurred in the village of Falkland for many of the earlier seasons of Outlander, and in Season 2 the palace itself was used!

Falkland village features in Season 1 of Outlander, when it stands in for 1940s Inverness for Frank and Claire’s honeymoon trip. The couple check into Mrs Baird’s B&B in the square, which is the current Covenanter Hotel. The Tyndall Bruce fountain in the middle of the high street features in a scene when the ghost of Jamie stares up at Claire brushing her hair in Mrs Baird’s B&B. The Fayre Earth gift shop in Falkland stands in for Farrell’s furniture store, where Claire stops to look at a blue vase in the window.

In Season 2 Falkland reappears as Inverness, but this time it is the 1960s. In the first series, Campbell’s Coffee House was featured in the background as a 1940s green grocers, but in the second series it is a 1960s tea shop. The Falkland Town Hall stood in as the Inverness County Records Office, a large meeting room transformed into an archive search room where Claire, Brianna and Roger are hunting for Jamie and the deed to Lallybroch.

Falkland Palace was also used in Season 2. One of the East Range cellars was transformed into an apothecary in the episode ‘The Hail Mary’. Claire is after additional medical supplies and stumbles upon Mary Hawkins, who is asking for more laudanum for nursing Alex Randall. Visitors to the palace can explore an interactive apothecary, installed by the Trust in the same room Outlander used for filming.

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