A series of walks allow you to discover this hidden gem nestled in the Highland landscape, which can easily be passed unnoticed.

Take time to walk in the footsteps of Lady Fowler along the Fern Walk (20 minutes), or take the shorter main path (10 minutes) to the suspension bridge, immersing yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of this rich environment.

Both paths can be completed as a circuit and lead to the Victorian suspension bridge, where you can gaze down over the plummeting waterfall. Continue from the bridge along to the cantilevered viewing platform, from where you can peer into this spectacular 60m-deep gorge.

Breathe in the Corrieshalloch air, infused with pine scents and droplets of water, watch the mist rising gently and let the noise of the thundering waterfall and the rushing river rumble through you.

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