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12 Mar 2021

Wildlife spotter’s guide: Rockcliffe

A small bird faces the camera, standing on small green plants by some rocks. It has a black and white head and neck, with a brown back and white tummy. It also has orange legs.
Ringed plover | Laurie Campbell
​This attractive stretch of coastline is a National Scenic Area and includes a mosaic of different habitats​. An island bird sanctuary, wildflower meadows, rocky seashore and woodland create a home for a wide variety of wildlife.

Click on the pictures below to find out a little more about some of the wildlife species you might spot on your next visit.

To prevent disturbance to breeding birds, please avoid visiting Rough Island from the beginning of May until mid-July. Please remember that this island is tidal and access is via a causeway; leave adequate time for your return walk to the mainland.

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