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24 Apr 2018

‘Scotland is Now’ shows Scotland’s dynamism

Mark Bishop, Director of Customer & Cause at the National Trust for Scotland, gives his take on the Scotland is Now campaign which shows a dynamic country supported by its rich past and beautiful landscapes.

‘Bringing Scotland’s total offering into a singular, forward-thinking campaign makes great sense and reflects the diverse reasons that bring people to Scotland to live, play or learn.

Mark Bishop
Mark Bishop

One of the key things we are keen to do more of at the Trust is build even better relationships with leading organisations across Scotland.

We already work closely with VisitScotland, who do a cracking job at bringing people here both on holiday and for a variety of other reasons.

They and their partners at Scottish Development International and the Scottish Government launched an exciting new campaign called ‘Scotland is Now’, which takes things a step further.

They’re now showcasing all the reasons to come to Scotland: on holiday or on a more permanent basis.

At the Trust we are keen to reach more people, and that also means being more than just part of people’s holiday plans. We’re keen to inspire people who come to Scotland to learn at one of our universities or colleges to also spend time falling in love with Scotland’s built heritage and natural spaces.

And for people who move here to live and work, we are keen to put out an open invitation to say ‘don’t forget to find time to relax and challenge your brain in other ways’, such as visiting one of the many amazing places that we protect on everyone’s behalf so that they can bring inspiration and meaning into everyone’s lives.

If you’ve not yet seen it, watch their new ad, which we think is fab.