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18 May 2020

Preston Mill goes for a whirl

Essential work at Preston Mill ensures the waterwheel will keep turning.

Our property teams have been working hard during lockdown to make sure that some of Scotland’s most precious places and spaces are cared for and protected. This includes Preston Mill, one of East Lothian’s last working grain mills, whose waterwheel is captured here turning for the first time in six weeks.

The mill, which features in some of Outlander’s most memorable scenes, was the focus of an appeal in 2019, and thanks to generous donations from our members and the public we were able to repair the waterwheel to allow it to turn once more.

John Baxter, Visitor Services Manager for the Lothians said: ‘Under normal circumstances the wheel is operational around five days a week. It’s essential, even under lockdown, we keep it turning as often as we can to ensure the mechanism doesn’t seize up.

‘Preston Mill is an important part of East Linton’s story and it’s our job at the Trust to ensure the waterwheel will keep turning for generations to come.’

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