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11 Sep 2020

Naked support for craftspeople and conservation

A river meanders through a valley with snow-capped mountains in the background under a blue sky.
We’ve teamed up with Naked Wines to celebrate Scotland’s craftsfolk and fund nature conservation too.

We’re pleased to be partnering with Naked Wines, a customer-funded wine business, to highlight and celebrate the nation’s craftsmen and women, and support our conservation work too.

Reflecting a shared commitment to nurture alliances between people and places, the Trust and Naked Wines will tell the stories of the growing independent craft/maker community who are spearheading more sustainable and fairer practices. These stories will also provide opportunities to grow support for our conservation work at some of Scotland’s most significant and beautiful natural heritage sites.

Tall mountains under a grey cloudy sky.
Glencoe National Nature Reserve

Naked is sponsoring our Meet the Maker series. These in-depth Q&As give an insight into the creative journey from conception to creation, profiling the wonderful array of talented makers we work with to create unique and successful retail products, alongside some of Naked Wines’ global wine producers, many of whom also have Scottish heritage.

These modern-day pioneers are responding to increasingly socially conscious customers who want to ensure their purchases are authentic, sustainably sourced and contributing to small, community-based businesses.

The partners are also acutely aware of the need to share and promote the artisans making these products at a time when they face unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19.

The Meet the Makers programme will grow to include a series of exclusive virtual and physical wine-tasting events. Artisans and heritage experts will come together (when it’s safe to do so) to explore and learn about the wine-making process, while hearing more about Scotland’s contribution to the wine industry.

The partnership will also lead to essential funds being provided for conservation work at the eight National Nature Reserves that we protect, with a percentage of sales from special wine selections benefiting our charity.

Naked’s mission is to change the way the wine industry works for the better, by giving talented winemakers the support, funding and freedom they need to make quality wines with a conscience.

In return for funding the wines upfront, Naked’s customers (called Angels) get access to unique, artisanal wines for less than market price – from off-the-beaten-track vineyards around the world.

Naked Wines is proud to partner with the Trust and are looking forward to supporting the Trust in its vital conservation work, as well as providing supporters with access to their delicious range of wine.

Director of Customer & Cause Mark Bishop said: ‘We’re working hard here at the Trust to protect Scotland’s heritage and that extends to the skills and crafts for which our country has a well-earned reputation.

‘We’re proud to work with dedicated Scottish makers and manufacturers to ensure that the products on offer to our supporters enhance this, all while sustaining our vital charitable work.’

“With Naked Wines, not only did we find an organisation who shared our passion for celebrating the talented creative communities working with us, we also found a partner who understands the value of nurturing the connections between people and the environment.”
Mark Bishop
Director of Customer & Cause

Mark continued, ‘This shared philosophy has laid the foundations for what I believe will be a powerful and purposeful relationship.’

Naked Wines’ Growth Director, Joanne Gunn, commented: ‘Partnerships rooted in purpose and with a real cause behind them are hard to find – so we are genuinely proud to be working alongside the National Trust for Scotland to hero unsung artisans from across Scotland and the world.

‘Our Meet the Maker series of features and events will do what we do best at Naked: connecting everyday people to independent makers who produce something exceptional. Knowing this campaign will benefit so many small makers, and also contribute funds to the critical conservation work that happens across Scotland’s nature reserves, makes this partnership truly special.’

To mark the launch of this new partnership, Naked Wines has developed a curated wine selection from a range of talented independent winemakers around the world. Along with a corporate donation, Naked Wines will also gift 20% of all proceeds directly back to our charity to help protect Scotland’s national and natural treasures for everyone to enjoy.

A woman is walking through a vineyard accompanied by a dog.
Ruth Simpson from Simpsons Wine Estate

Amongst the special selection put together specially for the Trust is a Syrah from Ruth and Charles Simpson, who have a special connection to the charity. Winemaker Ruth Simpson says: ‘I was brought up in Edinburgh and my parents were huge supporters of the National Trust for Scotland. My mother worked for the Trust at their headquarters in Edinburgh and she volunteered at Priorwood Garden in the Borders and then the Georgian House in Edinburgh. My favourite Trust National Nature Reserve is Glencoe; its haunting beauty and tragic history makes for a powerfully atmospheric and truly awe-inspiring destination.’

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