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27 Feb 2017

More to explore at Culzean Castle


The National Trust for Scotland
Well, Culzean has been here for millennia really. The Kennedy family have owned the property since the 16th century and the castle you see today dates from about 1777. Robert Adam was incredibly special in his day because he used different elements from Classical architecture, from Gothic architecture, and other forms, and melded them all together into a unique style. There is a wonderful contrast between the elegance and the refined nature of the interior and the stark castle exterior. What’s astonishing about Culzean is the sheer scale of it all. One of my particular favourites is on a sunny day being in the Round Drawing Room looking out across the Clyde and those panoramic windows, sweeping across looking at Arran.
Culzean is Robert Adam’s masterpiece – it’s quite a magnificent property. You’ve really got to come and see it for yourself!
I’m Kinlay Laidlaw, the lead building surveyor here at Culzean Castle.

The grandeur of the castle combined with a wonderful clifftop setting makes Culzean one of Scotland’s top heritage gems. We are lucky to care for this special place!

With acres and acres to explore, most visitors only get a tiny taste of what Culzean has to offer when they visit. We’re hoping to change that by opening up access across the estate with improved transport, new trails for all abilities and better signage and information for visitors.

An investment of £2.5 million will also transform the entrance to Culzean, meaning we can provide the warmest of Ayrshire welcomes to visitors. Important parts of the original designed landscape will be reinstated, and look out for repairs at the Fountain Court which will mean that large-scale events and concerts can take place there once again.

There’s exciting news for younger visitors too – the popular Adventure Cove playground is getting an extension. Aimed at ages 9+, this fantastic tree-top experience will take inspiration from the estate’s rich natural heritage and encourage adventure and exploration.

All of these plans will make a trip to this fairytale location even more magical – we hope you’ll visit soon.

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