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1 Feb 2019

Janus – the god of January – looks at Project Reveal’s progress

Written by Wendy Turner, Project Manager – Project Reveal
The Project Reveal Team
In 18 months, from July 2017 to December 2018, 15 properties across the south-west and west of Scotland have been completed by Project Reveal. Here, I’ve chosen objects from some of these properties that reflect the diversity of our collections.

Project Reveal is a Trust-wide collections digitisation project. It will result in an updated database with high-quality images and unique object numbers for every item in the National Trust for Scotland material culture collections. Six regionally based project teams, supported by experienced project managers, will work across all our properties with collections to complete the inventory in 24 months, from July 2017 until July 2019.

Project Reveal

Find out more about this Trust-wide collections digitisation project.

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