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28 Apr 2020

How to take plant cuttings

An aerial view of a large terracotta plant pot, filled with bright green young plants. Some even trail over the side.
If you want more plants in your garden, it’s time to start taking cuttings. Michael Lawrie, Head Gardener for the Trust’s Dumfries & Galloway properties and Head of Threave School of Heritage Gardening, explains how to take plant cuttings.

What you need

  • Scissors
  • Compost or water
  • A pot or jam jar

Step 1

Choose perennial plants that have been dormant all winter, and are now starting to emerge in the garden.


Step 2

Use scissors to cut a finger’s length of growth from the outside of the plant.


Step 3

Either put the cutting in multi-purpose compost or, if you don’t have any, a jam jar with some water. Just remember to change the water regularly.

Within 2–3 weeks the cutting(s) will be rooted and can be planted out in a few months.


Top tip

Take cuttings in spring and early summer.

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