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16 Feb 2021

First signs of spring at Brodie Castle

Little green daffodil shoots poke through a thick blanket of snow.
Daffodils peeking through the snow at Brodie Castle in Moray
The famous Brodie daffodils are beginning to poke their green shoots through the snow, showing that spring is well and truly on its way.

The Moray estate has one of Scotland’s most important and impressive daffodil collections. The bright blooms usually start to appear in mid-March and can be enjoyed through to late April.

One of the earliest daffodil shoots to appear this year is ‘Coulmony’, named after a nearby estate. This hybrid, a cross between ‘Broughshane’ (the seed parent) and ‘Niphetos’ (the pollen parent), was registered in 1957 and has pale yellow petals (perianth) and a yellow cup (corona).

James Dean, Operations Manager at Brodie Castle explains: ‘We’re hopeful that people will be able to come and see the wonderful displays of daffodils here at Brodie Castle this season and we’re working on making sure that any experience follows government guidelines and is COVID-safe.’

“A lot of daffodils are planted around the wider estate, and so people will be able to walk around the estate and enjoy them as part of their daily exercise.”
James Dean
Operations Manager at Brodie Castle

Brodie Castle and the Playful Garden, where the daffodil beds are found, are currently closed. However, local visitors can enjoy the castle’s gardens and grounds, which are open daily.