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26 Jun 2020

Dawn chorus walk on Canna

Isle of Canna Dawn Chorus Walk, May 2020


So we’re here on the Isle of Canna with rangers Gillian and Mike.
We just thought that since you guys can’t be out here to see us, we’d bring the dawn chorus to you.
We’ll just go for a wander through Keill Wood and we’ll try and point out some of the birds that you can see and hear.
There’s a nice willow warbler going off.
Nice quad bike in the background, very nice. Thank you, Murdo!
That’s the willow warbler again.
There’s a nice song thrush. You can tell it’s a song thrush as they tend to do sets of 3.
That’s the willow warbler again.

Experience the dawn chorus on Canna, from the comfort of your home!

Many people have commented on noticing more birdsong during lockdown, with traffic noise reduced. Taking a moment to listen to the birds has brought welcome moments of relaxation and enjoyment in difficult times.

Our rangers on Canna had planned to run a Dawn Chorus Walk event in early summer, but it had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. They decided to film themselves on the walk, so the birdsong could be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

The walk took them through the woods and up to the stone cross. Last year they heard a cuckoo and a grasshopper warbler as the highlight species – what audio treats lay in store for them this year?

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