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3 Apr 2019

Consultation to shape Culloden 300

Culloden Battlefield
Culloden Battlefield
The National Trust for Scotland has launched a public consultation which aims to ensure the long-term protection of Culloden Moor, the site of the 1746 battle.

Today, the landscape - a place of great cultural significance - has become the scene of another conflict, with developers pushing forward plans that encroach on the site. The current legal safeguards do not protect the area, and the fear is that unsympathetic development with plans for housing and businesses will ruin the historic landscape forever.

With a view of mobilising the support and ideas of the people who love Culloden to help shape its future, the National Trust for Scotland is inviting the public to get involved in a consultation that will create a vision for the landscape that acknowledges Scotland’s past, present and future.

By engaging a wide and diverse audience, the outcome will give a clear recommendation of what would be acceptable and appropriate development for the area - one which takes account of the place’s importance to Scotland and beyond, as well as the needs of the local and wider community and economy.

Culloden Battlefield is a place of great cultural significance
Culloden Battlefield is a place of great cultural significance.
“We want to hear people’s views on their hopes for Culloden’s future and how this site should be protected and presented for future generations.”
Raoul Machin-Curtis, Operations Manager at Culloden

Raoul explains: ‘The reality is that there are pressures for land in this area and what we want to achieve is a planned and positive approach that protects Culloden and what it represents to so many people.

‘We know what getting this wrong means – we just need to look at Bannockburn to see how a piecemeal approach to planning can harm our important historical sites. That’s why we are acting now and seeking the input and expertise from everyone who feels a connection with Culloden and its story.’   

The Culloden 300 consultation will run from 4 April–31 August 2019*, with an exhibition stationed at Leanach Cottage on the battlefield site for anyone interested in finding out more. There will also be townhouse-style events running in June and July.  

To have your say, complete this short survey.

*The consultation deadline has been extended until 30 September

The team at Culloden are dedicated to its protection
The team at Culloden are dedicated to its protection.