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12 Jul 2018

Chris Packham’s UK Bioblitz – nature reserves are not enough!

Written by Liza Cole
Quadrats on Kirk Hill, St Abb's Head
On Saturday 14 July, naturalist and wildlife presenter Chris Packham embarks on a new campaign: a huge Bioblitz, visiting almost 50 sites in all 4 countries of the UK in just 10 days. His goal is to highlight the extent to which the nation’s wildlife species are under threat.

The campaign will be launched at our Ben Lawers National Nature Reserve. From here Chris will weave his way across the UK, taking in Northern Ireland, Wales and parts of England along the route. All forms of life will be investigated in this snapshot of the country’s wildlife: from flies to fungi, mammals to moths and birds to butterflies. At each site Chris and the UK Bioblitz team, which includes hundreds of experts, will be helped by species specialists and enthusiastic amateurs to pinpoint the winners and losers in the battle for Britain’s countryside.

Chris Packham says: ‘I’m doing this because I want to highlight that the UK’s landscape is in big trouble. We should have a far greater expectation of having wildlife around us all of the time but sadly we find ourselves having to go to nature reserves.’

‘We treat nature reserves like they’re museums and art galleries, we go there, we get fully satisfied there’s lots of life, but on the way home when we’re driving through the countryside there’s nothing left. Some parts of it are absolutely bereft, they’re deserts, and what we want to do is say to people “that’s not good enough”. We want wildlife everywhere; nature reserves are not enough!’

Chris will be visiting St Abb’s Head NNR on Wednesday 18 July. Find out more information on St Abb's Head Bioblitz and Ben Lawers Bioblitz.

At the St Abb’s Head event, experts will be based at five ‘wildlife hotspots’ around the reserve. Download a leaflet showing these locations.

The campaign is also crowdfunding, with all monies raised being distributed back into grass-roots front-line conservation projects they’ve visited throughout the campaign, as well as the National Autistic Society.

Visit to follow the Bioblitz.

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