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20 Apr 2022

Awakening the senses at the Hill House!

A piece of a new immersive installation, with a colourful display board reading 'Let's play!' and a house constructed out of large individual cards, each one decorated with a different picture relating to the Hill House and its history.
Engage with some Edwardian-inspired play in the Hill House day nursery
We’re delighting to be opening three new immersive exhibition spaces at the Hill House, with each new room having its own unique twist!

The three brand-new installations at the Hill House explore the life and relationship between the Blackie family and the Mackintoshes, and we have also created a fun interactive space for children. These new installations are located along the east wing of the property and are now permanently included in our visitor journey.

‘I’m really excited to see these new audio-visual installations bringing to life family rooms that previously felt underwhelming and a bit unloved,’ says Emma Inglis, Curator for Glasgow & West. ‘The new content shares the story of Mackintosh, Macdonald and the Blackies; their combined love of art and design; and the rising fame of the Hill House. There’s also an opportunity to get hands on in the old day nursery with some Edwardian-inspired activities.’

The new sensory installations are a combination of sound, touch, and movement, which is unlike any exhibition the site has previously produced. The team worked with Imagineear, a London based company, to create this exceptional audio and multimedia content.

The new installations add another dimension to the Hill House visitor journey and we look forward to welcoming new and returning members and visitors to experience the rooms for themselves!

“The Hill House team can’t wait to see the public’s reaction to these new rooms, as it is always exciting to bring new experiences to these well-loved spaces!”
Louise Baker
Operation Managers West
A view of the Hill House, surrounded by a very large metal, chainmail structure. The view is from the garden and it is a sunny day.
The Hill House

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