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7 amazing autumn walks

A couple walking at Killiecrankie
Looking for an autumn adventure full of colour and beautiful woodland walks near you? To help you get the most out of this beautiful season, here are seven of the most wonderful walks for you to enjoy across Scotland.

1. The Hermitage

Enjoy an attractive woodland walk that leads though spectacularly large Douglas firs (including one of the tallest trees in the country) to the amazing folly of Ossian’s Hall overlooking the Black Linn waterfall.

Explore The Hermitage

2. Dollar Glen

Dollar Glen is the perfect place for a Scottish countryside walk with waterfalls and wildlife. Look out for the remains of the 15th-century fortress, Castle Campbell.

Explore Dollar Glen

3. Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve

A view of Loch Skeen above Grey Mare's Tail on a sunny day - copyright Richard Clarkson

Take a 10-minute walk and be rewarded with spectacular views of the magnificent waterfall, which cascades from Loch Skeen into the Moffat Water Valley from a rocky precipice 60m (200ft) above. Or climb the steep slopes of White Coomb (821m/2,694ft, the highest hill in Dumfriesshire) for even more spectacular views.

Explore Grey Mare’s Tail Nature Reserve

4. Killiecrankie

A river runs through a pass, with steep sides covered in woodland. A bridge suspended over the water can be seen in the distance. The trees have turned orange and yellow in autumn.

The Pass of Killiecrankie is a magnificent wooded gorge with the River Garry flowing through it. The Battle of Killiecrankie, the major event in the first of the Jacobite risings, was fought nearby.

Explore Killiecrankie

5. Balmacara Estate & Woodland Walks

Highland cows graze on some short grass in front of a white croft house, with a hill behind.

Balmacara Estate is an outstanding example of a Highland crofting estate. There’s a great choice of walking trails that’ll take you along stunning shorelines, through traditional crofting country and into attractive villages.

Explore Balmacara Estate & Woodland Walks

6. Goatfell

A view of Goat Fell in autumn, looking across a river with an evergreen forest in the foreground. There is snow on the higher slopes of the pointed mountain.

Goat Fell is the highest peak on the Isle of Arran, and the perfect viewpoint to gaze across the island and out to sea. The mountain towers above Brodick Castle. Reaching the summit takes between 2 and 5 hours, so pack plenty of supplies and make sure you are properly equipped.

Explore Goat Fell

7. Corrieshalloch Gorge National Nature Reserve

A pedestrian suspension bridge, with a man in a white t-shirt walking across it, arches over a gorge. Beyond it, the mountainous landscape is covered by a variety of trees.

Corrieshalloch is one of the most spectacular gorges of its type in Britain. From the Victorian suspension bridge, gaze down over a series of crashing waterfalls, breathe in the Corrieshalloch air, infused with pine scents and droplets of water, and let the noise of the thundering waterfalls and the rushing river rumble through you.

Explore Corrieshalloch Gorge National Nature Reserve