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Silver Ring with Scottish Coastline Design

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With quiet beauty and a nod to the great outdoors, this handmade Eco silver ring makes a unique keepsake.

Using the finest craftmanship, the ring is carefully cut from two separate silver pieces in matt and polished finish that sit together to reflect the coastline of Scotland.

Understated elegance and high-quality design come together to make a standalone piece of jewellery with huge significance.

This ring is size O, it is also available in N & P. If you would like to order this ring in another size please email us.

Made in 100% recycled Eco Silver

Working from her studio in North Berwick, Scotland, jewellery designer Hannah specialises in creating bespoke jewellery pieces that reflect life’s personal stories.

Inspired by the rugged beauty of nature and the idea that jewellery can encapsulate the cherished moments of our lives, Hannah’s pieces reflect coastlines, skylines and landscapes of special significance to each of us.

From intricate hand-piercing to painstaking cut-outs, Hannah consistently captures unique and personal stories with the highest level of craftsmanship and experience.

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Made in Scotland
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